Art is now more accessible!

  • Unique in the World

    We performed printing on a material for the first time in the world.

  • 100% Handmade Products

    By giving shape to products with handwork, new We created designs.

  • Production Phase Lasting 72 Hours

    We have implemented many different processes and a special technique, the DiamondCut System.

Our story

How would you like to build a world where art is more accessible together?

We are a brand that set out to create a world where art is more accessible and to gather all art lovers under the same roof, broke new ground and rolled up its sleeves to continue doing so.

We always wanted to break new ground and for the first time in the world, we applied a printing process to a material. One of our goals is to increase the product variety within Artucky by taking innovative steps. For this reason, our only aim will be to be able to deliver and promote our design products to the whole world, as well as to arouse excitement in you art-lovers.