Kübizm Art İpek Şal 45x165
Cubism Art Silk Shawl 45x165
Cubism Art Silk Shawl 45x165

Cubism Art Silk Shawl 45x165

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Kübizm Art İpek Şal 45x165

Cubism Art Silk Shawl 45x165

Product description

Cubism Art Silk Shawl 45x165

“Raw silk is woven on hand looms, and after weaving, the fabric is washed with laurel soap to get rid of the secretion of raw silk, which gives the fabric a tremendous shine.”

  • 45 cm x 165 It has dimensions in cm.
  • It is made of 100% Silk material.
  • It has vivid colors (OEKO-TEX®) as seen on the screen with digital printing.

Usage Suggestion:

  • Hand wash with silk shampoo in lukewarm water.
  • Do not pinch or tighten.
  • Dry the product by laying it out.
  • Iron on reverse on silk setting.

How is it combined?

  • You can turn it from an accessory into a main piece and make it indispensable for your summer outfits as a bustier, with the world's most famous works of art!
  • You can tie the scarves embroidered with the world's most famous works of art in a way that completely covers your neck. You can fill in the gaps and tuck them into your sweaters or t-shirts, or you can choose to tie them in a cowboy style.
  • By leaving it long, you can hang it and bring the works of art to the fore.
  • For a classic and artistic look, you can throw the scarf over your shoulders, not by wrapping it, but by turning it into a large, single triangle.
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